I’ll admit, I LOVE Ghostly International artists. They’re so wonderful and talented in their own dark way. I promised myself I would show up to another BodyShock Event after I attended the Leaether Strip show at Elbo Room and I was happy I did.

VANIISH (San Francisco) was the perfect opener for Xeno. I really like them. They have a great presence and their music has that lovely post-punk sound with a touch of synths.

120 MINUTES // JULY 2014

Everytime I attend 120 Minutes, I never know what to expect and the same was true for tonight. There was mascara, vogue-ing, beautiful people, and great music. Banjee Report (based out of Chicago) blew my mind. If you like musical artists like House of Ladosha, Le1f, Mykki Blanco, etc. then you’ll love Banjee Report.

It’s also impossible to resist the charms of Zain from Teen Witch Fan Club (Chicago). Like for real, how is this motherfucker so kawaii? He was wearing a holographic bear sweatshirt when I met him. I couldn’t take me eyes off it.

Whatever you do, don’t miss August 23rd at Elbo Room. It’s 120 Minutes’ 4-year anniversary and it’s guaranteed to be just as wild.

After about two hours of waiting in a line that curved around the block, I didn’t make the cut into Infusion Lounge’s free DJ set with Chromeo. On the other hand, I took a poorly positioned selfie with P-Thugg (which I later cropped myself out of) and was graced by a brief pose from Dave 1 himself (pictured above) before he was rushed back into the bar to start DJ-ing. Not a total waste of a Wednesday night.

***August 9th Edit***
I was completely blindsided by Chromeo posting one of my photos on their instagram ( So unexpected and really really sweet of them. I’m a blessed fangirl. This isn’t the first time they’ve posted one of my photos ( View the whole set Sacramento Launch set here. I really appreciate what these guys do for their fans. Total sweethearts.


This was my first time seeing Le1f live. He has an amazing presence and was undoubtedly the the star of the show. Shout out to Marco (@S4NtA_Mu3rTE) for putting on a rad show. Also Brenmar and Swagger like Us brought the house down. I really appreciate being in the presence of people like these. Surrounded by talent, love, and good vibes.


Besides getting pushed out of the way while I was trying to take a picture by a random drunk french girl, the show was really enjoyable. Actually, the random drunk french girl was pretty cool too. Also running into my good friend Vince from out-of-town was a highlight as well.

If you haven’t seen Brodinski before, you should. Besides being European and suave as hell Brodinski produces music that makes you want to do all the drugs in the world (I don’t of course!) but I like music that takes me to another place.


So I actually found out about this show through my talented friend (Young Aundee) who I saw perform the week earlier at Mezzanine. He told me about it and I was stoked because I love Dark Entries Records and Leaether Strip was something I knew I couldn’t pass up.

I was so glad I made it even though I ended up being about an hour later than expected because a muni ‘cop’ pulled me off the bus mistakenly thinking I hadn’t paid my fare which I had (thanks dude! *sarcasm*). Leaether Strip was SO GOOD though. I usually have a hard time making it through a night without getting distracted, bored, or sleepy and this did not happen. I hopefully plan to attend more BodyShock events in the future.


I’ve seen my good friend Young Aundee and Dusty Brown perform lots but they really outdid themselves opening up for Purity Ring at Mezzanine. I don’t think I’ve seen them perform better which could’ve been due to the sound, lights, crowd (idk?) I am a forever fan and was so proud that my hometown was representing in the bay.

It was a night to remember particularly because Young Aundee gave me a backstage pass to meet Alice Glass who was just chillin behind the scenes.

Health did an awesome DJ set. I’ve listened to Health online but wasn’t sure what to expect and was happily surprised with the selection of music he played. I was honestly surprised by the huge crowd that showed up for just a DJ set by Purity Ring. But hey, I don’t blame them. The night was a success.

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